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About us

Established in 1906 by William Robinson. Furnishing hay and grain to local farmers, wood and coal were soon added to the inventory. William's son Willard took over in the mid-1930's adding a truck scale and offered a line of animal and poultry remedies to their customers.

In 1946, Willard's son-in-law Ed Olson (married to Evelyn Robinson), son Emory Robinson, and nephew Leroy Weaver, all back from WW2 service, bought the business from Willard. In the next decade Ed and Evie Olson bought out the two other partners and expanded the business, opening stores in Galt and Lockeford. Evie's forte was music, and two music stores were added to our family, one in Lodi and the other in Stockton. Both operated by Evie and son Jeff Olson.

Ed and Evie's son Rex took over the feed business reins in the early seventies and has operated the business ever since. In 2002, we grew out of our original facility on Lodi Avenue and moved the operation to 1150 East Victor Road where we now offer a full service feed, pet supply, and western wear business to serve our customers.

This is William J. Robinson in 1906 at the first feed mill. Seen here were the added ingredients put in the grain. What you can't see in the picture is that he'd just recently lost a finger or two in the machinery. (hence his hand covered by the other.


The store location from 1915 untill we moved to our E. Victor Rd location in 2001. Our warehouse still resided at this location aside the Music Box.


Another picture inside the mill.


Robinson's location on Stockton location previous to moving to the corner of Lodi Ave. and Main Street, where the Music Box is currently located.